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Ugh. Weekend recap.

I'm feeling really awesome today. Friday night was Teh Suck followed by clearing of Teh Suck into only a foggy swamp rather than surrounded by darkness with neither a torch or match in my inventory. It helped muchly that Saturday began with blueberry pancakes because honestly? I make really good pancakes and I have witnesses.

The remainder of Saturday was low-key given the crappy sleep from Friday. We ran some errands, finally bought a king bed (damn, I ceded territory to our cats :/), finished laundry and watched bad movies ("Rock me, sexy Jesus!") and generally had a rather lovely day of domesticity. There's just something comforting doing chores together. Baking too. I really enjoy tandem baking.

And clean socks. But socks and baking shouldn't go together.

Saturday night was a birthday party for alyska. (Photos forthcoming.) lady_fox made a fantastic orange cake with chocolate frosting. jefferyp hand made pita and hummus (of god, the hummus). I drank girly drinks. Overall a good night when I figured that a number of people i was going to see that night were just going to rip out my eyes when I stepped in the door. So.. you know. Escaping eyes in tact is much better.

Sunday coffee was similar, in that I was worried I'd get lynched. I also thought it started at the normal time. So clearly my expectations were just stupid as neither were true. Sunday through Monday (I took yesterday off) I spent with narcissuskisses and barring some unexpected events on Monday, it was. Well. Bliss.

Yeah, that's all I'm going to say about that. One, I don't want to upset some of you; and two, my mind doesn't want to believe it was real.

Today, I feel like poetry.
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