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Music is my hot hot resolution

Poll #1324229 Music!

Are you a track order stickler?

You should listen to a CD in the order rendered. Artistic integrity!
I'll listen to CDs in the order I choose. The artist can suck it.

This year I'm going to (try to) listen to more music. Every Thursday a trip to Preplayed to get a cheap album and listen to at work. Sort of a resolution, I guess, but seems to fun to be a resolution. Puritanical society dictates that resolutions should be self improvement via vice remove or self-betterment. Clearly I'm doing it wrong.

And I always listen to the CD in order first and decide if it really matters. The second time through I put it on shuffle to test my conclusion. Generally I'm right as it's rather apparently when order really matters in an album.

My first for this year - The Decemberists: Castaways and Cutouts
I don't think the order matters for this CD.
Edit: on second though, there's definite progression in tone and mood.

Now I need a music icon.
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