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Aha! I have solved my Naan problem.

3c bread flour
2T oil
1t salt
1t yeast
4T yoghurt
1t honey
3/4c water

Mix and break into 8ish pieces. Let rise until doubled in size.

Heat oven to 550. Bake naan close to bottom coil until puffy and golden - about ten minutes.

Heat range coils. Throw puffed naan onto hot coils. Burn lightly, brush on butter and serve.

I finished mine with orange salt from nathan_lounge and it was incredible.

The key is baking until finished and then burning on coils. It was light and crispy and ungodly yummy with the curry and humus we made tonight.

Ahm nom nom.

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-- Poop. Realized it is back to work tomorrow. Vacation is over.
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