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Wicker Star over the Desert

Photo: Some stores on state street have some very weird decorations. Wicker stars? I'm curious of the lights were part of the original design or added by the decorating person. Either way... wicker stars? really? Maybe if I liked wicker anything.

This deadline was weird. Too easy. Many of our projects were pushed into the next version as I had been warning for, oh, six months now? I hate that I'm right regarding this so frequently and that no one seems to give a damn. So, the next phase is jam-packed with large projects that were supposed to be done months again. Again. QA gets screwed. Again.

And again and again.

I wonder if I can stage a testing sit-in. Just stop testing certain things until my demands are met. I'm pretty sure that would be me fired. Pbbbtttlll. I am only buoyed knowing we have another year of dev time to fix all the terrible bugs we'll find AFTER the completion date for these projects before we ship this version.

Today, at least, is slower. I finished a certification project I started in October. hopefully I didn't miss or forget something in the very long in-between. I'm not sure what else to do today preferring to avoid three integrated testing sessions I need to accomplish in January.

Meh. Lastly, I have been thrice denied of activities on Friday, ultimately cast out because of anatomy. Perhaps if I had a hot pink dong? Is that what you want, you crazed masses? Unnatural and vibrant phalli? I see how it is.

Subsequently, Friday is looking much less exciting with a dearth of things and superfluity of snow. What a lucky combination!
Your lucky numbers: 7 15 33 76 11 and 2 in bed.
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