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Overture for the Holidays

I'm not huge on the holidays. I always feel pressure when giving gifts that someone will be dissatisfied with my choices and be angry at them. Ultimately, were this to happen, I suspect the filing would be in that person instead of me - especially if they make a big deal about it. Well, sort of. I would want to know if the gift isn't right and try to rectify, I think. At the same time, dude: Gift. Horse. Mouth.

Suffice, the holidays make me anxious. And poor. Wow, should I not go so overboard. I am, however, very good at making up for perceived crappiness in a gift by supplying you with man, many crappy gifts.

These are all habits I'd really like to get over one day. :/ Or just be able to give everyone I know a million dollars. That'll solve it.

Today? Today I feel better. I worked a number of things out yesterday with a couple of people and feel much better for it. In one case, I'm still frustrated that I'm essentially powerless to seek -if we include "acquisition" in the definition - what I want but understand that this will likely be temporary (and brief, Jeebus willing). Also, that I'm the frustration isn't one sided is beneficial, ultimately increasing the bond. Suffice that I continue to desire and be so desired and very quickly run down my text message allotment with silly and or dirty messages.

In the other... well, I feel funny how somethings go unexplained for so long. We've further refined our definitions and understanding. Unfortunately, i don't expect certain clashes to suddenly disappear but they should resolve more quickly with less long-term upset. This is good. Part of me wants permanent resolution but that just doesn't work in the emotional world, much to my continued and apoplectic dismay. So be it. Somethings are meant to be messy and are, in fact, better for it and be mindful thereof.

This weekend? Chicago. Saturday train rides into the meat of the city. Wandering, a museum or two, and an excellent dinner. Sunday we see Wicked and then hope hard for a smooth drive home. I'm rather excited. I miss Chicago.

Real cities. One day Madison may be one. But it would fall into the lakes.

They are my natural enemy.
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