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A Night before a Last Night

A Night before a Last Night

Feeling somewhat better today. I picked up my prescription nasal spray and could breathe while I slept. Inconceivable! Also, the cats gave me a night finally and mostly slept elsewhere or at my waist, the latter preferred to on my head as I can bend around them rather than die of allergies. See the difference there?

Still stressed and annoyed but a developer finally came around t my way of thinking; we'll be fixing something the best way rather doing something half-assedly. The key to dealing with him is catching him in the morning when he's perky. He needs to eat something in the afternoon to be less bitchy, I think.

Feeling lonely and unwanted otherwise. Background noise.

toasteraviator has me thinking in haiku.

Coffee and doughnuts.
Delightful, delicious fat
for well-rounded men.

I didn't actually eat doughnuts though. :) Just the coffee.
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