The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Plows at play

Plows at play
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I realized yesterday that I'm about a week ahead of where I normally am work wise. I've started testing all but one of my development logs. The rest, I'm mostly done testing; a handful I'm done and waiting for other people to do stuff before I can remove them from my queue.

Lovely. I scheduled a late work night but no one is intending on staying... well, not even me at this point. Guess I'll just have to have a little extra free time tonight. Darn. :D

Maybe I'll throw a dance party in my office. My office mate has a strobe in here for no apparent reason.

Lastly: Johnny's Italian Steakhouse = no damn good. I have now tried most of the restaurants in Greenway Station and they all suck. Well, Claddagh had my favorite fish fry until the owner fired the EC and restocked with Sysco crap. Everything else is just bad. Big Box, Chain Store crap.

Aside: And why do people eat at The Macaroni Grill? It's HORRIBLE. They can't even cook PASTA properly. The Greenway location has been shut down, thank goodness. Horrible food. Man, just terrible.
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