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Chutney is fun to say.

Let me just say that I have terrible knife skills. Trying to cut yams and onions into 1/2 dice is just impossible for me. Thus, attempting to make sweet potato chutney last night (after7 hours not eating) was No Fun At All. Oy. The dice look pretty retarded in the end but, oh man, is the chutney tasty. I think it will, in fact, be a very nice side/topper for the turkey on Thursday. I think I prefer vindaloo in it too rather than straight curry powder as the sweeter components of the vindaloo resonate with the pineapple, makes it sweeter.

hmm.. maybe I should have thrown some cranberries in there.

There were also Navajo tacos with hand-made fry bread, kidney beans, and tomato beefy goodness. Yum (but WTF was I thinking dealing with beans, fry bread and chutney AT THE SAME TIME?)

Meh. Suffice I need to take a basic knife skills class or grown another hand right quick. Thank Jeebus I'm not cooking anything tonight. Fix is going to wrangle a cheesecake and pie tonight while I'm out playing hooky with the new beau, about whom I've been dreaming which feels almost weird early in a relationship.

Today should be good in total.

Oh and my body composition percentage hasn't changed since my last check even though I've apparently gained 17 pounds. So... I think that means I've gained more muscle than fat overall but it's still not what I want at the moment. Now I just need to lose that same 17 pounds entirely of fat and I'll be satisfied.

I'm limiting myself to about 1600 calories a day doing as much cardio as I can stand at the gym along with lighter weights, higher reps to maintain muscle. According to the trainer I see, she says I'll be building muscle as I burn the fat. Frankly, I don't see how that will work. According to her, I'm moderately to very active which means I burn anywhere from 2400 to 3000 calories a day. I think I'm basically sedentary since I'm not exercising every day which means roughly 2000 calories a day for my age.

So, at 1500 calories a day, that' at least a 500 calorie deficit per day which is 3500 calories a week - one pound. By her calculations, I'm at a 900-1500 deficit a day which is 6300 to 10,500 calories deficit a day - 2 to 3.5 pounds a week. With a difference like that, how can I be building muscle at all? It seems more likely I'd be able to maintain what muscle I do have and burn through fat. he says I"ll be increasing my muscle mass? Guess I just don't believe it.

Also, 10,500 calories a week? Really? Well, I guess we'll see.

Stats from yesterday:
Weight: 192.
Body fat percentage: 19.6 (ew)
Total body fat: 37.7 (ew!)
Fat to lose: 14-18
Yeah, I'm aiming for about 10-12% body fat as my ideal. (Screw you if you don't think that's reasonable.) And about 12% is where I'll really stop and assess my health and appearance.

Weight this morning: 191

Bleh. I have to lose the fat equivalent of one of my cats.


Lastly lastly: Kindle 2 rumored delay
Darn, I was looking forward to ditching my entire library in early 2009. LOVE the whole e-book concept so much.

For Beloiters: 40 Beloit staff to be fired to balance budget! Sadness!
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