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So. Exercise, right?

I took a week off from the gym the first week of November. The previous few days I experienced my first in-run asthma attack two runs in a row. I figured i'd rest and recover after working out pretty hard for a few weeks straight

A week later and I've been unable to run the same distances. I haven't run outside for fear of more attacks- generally I have more issues breathing in the winter especially because I don't take Albuterol until Winter starts. So I'm concerned I either lost a bunch of endurance in that week off (unlikely) or Winter means treadmill doom (likely). I've been running indoors, which I hate, and still can't make it three miles without stopping anymore.

Two possible explanations:
1. My lungs suck and need to burn in hell.
2. I'm running faster on the mill because I can electronically maintain proper pacing.

Well, I doubt the two are mutually exclusive. Either way, I filled my Abuuterol script and will start taking that once a day for the Winter. We'll see if that helps.

Otherwise, I've backed off my routine. I'm going three or four days a week and I do both cardio (treadmill and elliptical) and weights. This seems to be working as I'm sudden down to 190 lbs after months sitting at 196. Yay!

So. Why are my clothes fitting less well now? Moo.

Lastly, shevus introduced me to the iPhone app. It is an awesome calorie tracker. Crazy huge food database. It had the pumpkin seeds I are yesterday (46 calories per Tbl). Suffice, I have an easy way of tracking my food intake. Woo!

Yay Supernatural marathon! Why aren't you here!?

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