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Permutations, a broken wing flying into the Son.
Icarus. Waxen avatar of stupidity,
why are you flying? Though tomahawks rain down
and splay your intestines in mystical patchwork,
you persist in breaking banks and coins
over the feeble mass. They push back
like a volcano bound in masking tape.
Sitting bull, an opiate in extremes
influences a world regressing past
his Dystopian premonition.
Tribal visions will not hide the dying times.
Take up your tomahawk
and remember what pride feels like.

This world is not long
for us.

Edit 8:43am:Madison's AM 1670 is an awesome station. I"m a bad person for laughing at all the crazy religous people that call in to defend rewritrting text books, OKing anti-gay legislation, ignoring polar ice caps, and etc.
I want to fuckin' punch the current caller.
He says creationism is a scietific principle (which is how it is being taught in Texas or Indiana I beleive) and evolution has no proof evident.

EDIT 9:01 - How I love having a news feed again. I love it good. I really want a rasdio and a second set of headphones. Then I can get NPR and 1670. Much news. Then vodka. Then poetry. Then I AM Spider Jerusalem.

I"m becoming fanatical again.
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