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You know what I like? Not dying in a car accident last night. Some person ran a red light coming out of WestTowne while I was driving through the intersection in the left lane. They tried very hard to merge into me. Apparently I have good driving skills. Or burned a ton of driving karma for years of obeying speed limits. Yay no death or destruction!

HAD there been destruction (no girls death allowed), I'd have bought an all electric mini in a HEARTBEAT. In fact, I may buy one anyway because fox and I both agreed that if a hybrid mini ever released, we'd use house savings to buy them. Cuz, you know. Electric mini!

'Course, they're only leasing a small number in markets that aren't the Midwest. Jerks.

TGIF. Except my boss is out and isn't going to lay some smack down like he's supposed to over missed deadlines. Geh.

I also like 19 photos in Flickr Explore.

I also like the consequences of gay marriage.

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