The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Not a Yeti

Not a Yeti
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FINALLY own a beard trimmer. Now I'm not a Yeti anymore.

Contemplating the day. Fox is gone tip late. Maybe go see a movie.
Maybe start Mirror's Edge. Maybe stay at Barriques and keep reading.

Finished Fallout on Friday. I disliked the ending a lot. In fact, I
don't recommend continuing the main quest at Vault 87 until you're
ready to finish. It is hard to break the game's momentum from there.

I've already started a new game to play as an evil bastard. Named the
character "Jerk". Going to pickpocket and pants explode to fame. I
couldn't figure a reasonable way to play without tagging a weapon
skill again. Went with small guns again. Meh.

Lastly, The L Word is great.

Still a little floaty from yesterday too. That's nice.
Random: Apple gear not only sexy, but defensive: woman stabs would-be rapist with Apple AC adapter.
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