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Epic Fog - HDR

Epic Fog - HDR
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It seems I'm much larger this winter than last as my newly cleaned sweaters don't fit correctly in the chest and shoulders.
Let's hope it is mostly muscle causing this issue.

Doesn't look terrible at least. Well, I don't think so, and I've been known to make bad clothing decisions.

Watched this week's Heroes last night. I dislike what they're doing to a number of formerly stoic and powerful characters. Also, creating effectively a god character is annoying - like Apocalypse in X-men. but, I am still enjoying the show.

Also, suck on them apples Top Chefs.

Fallout managed to piss me off finally last night. This is clearly what I get for following the main quest. However, a theraputic rampage against all the characters that annoyed me before resetting was nice. :) I do not recommend opening fire in The Citadel unless you, um... don't take damage. Ever.

Mirror's Edge collector's edition bag arrived yesterday. It is pretty and sturdy and I so don't need another bag but I will never let you take it from me. Rar! Mine!

Photo - foggy! Wish I had my ultrawide lens yesterday. <pout>
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