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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist
Epic Fog - HDR

Epic Fog - HDR
Originally uploaded by ABMann
It seems I'm much larger this winter than last as my newly cleaned sweaters don't fit correctly in the chest and shoulders.
Let's hope it is mostly muscle causing this issue.

Doesn't look terrible at least. Well, I don't think so, and I've been known to make bad clothing decisions.

Watched this week's Heroes last night. I dislike what they're doing to a number of formerly stoic and powerful characters. Also, creating effectively a god character is annoying - like Apocalypse in X-men. but, I am still enjoying the show.

Also, suck on them apples Top Chefs.

Fallout managed to piss me off finally last night. This is clearly what I get for following the main quest. However, a theraputic rampage against all the characters that annoyed me before resetting was nice. :) I do not recommend opening fire in The Citadel unless you, um... don't take damage. Ever.

Mirror's Edge collector's edition bag arrived yesterday. It is pretty and sturdy and I so don't need another bag but I will never let you take it from me. Rar! Mine!

Photo - foggy! Wish I had my ultrawide lens yesterday. <pout>

Current Mood: dorky dorky

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abmann From: abmann Date: November 13th, 2008 02:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
It is one of the office buildings my company built on our new corporate campus.
Articles: http://www.thedailypage.com/isthmus/article.php?article=23026
There's a side bar with a bunch more too.

The photo is also a little dark. I prefer darker, more contrast-y shots. So, I'm not exactly helping you. ;)
(Deleted comment)
abmann From: abmann Date: November 13th, 2008 03:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
(Deleted comment)
abmann From: abmann Date: November 13th, 2008 03:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, the judgment of my pants is boundless.
(Deleted comment)
abmann From: abmann Date: November 13th, 2008 03:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think the tall guy with the beard and Stefan will make it to the end.
tener_duende From: tener_duende Date: November 13th, 2008 03:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Eugene quickly moved way high up on the scale for me. I appreciate someone with blue collar roots who knows that the most important thing is that the food should taste good first. His accidentally making a traditional Indian dish, and making it well enough to impress a native of that culture, seems to me to a sign that he understands the basic fundamentals of what makes food taste so good. I don't think he'll be the winner, since his lack of formal technique is bound to bite him, but I think he'll make it into the final 6.
abmann From: abmann Date: November 13th, 2008 03:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
kiwikat From: kiwikat Date: November 13th, 2008 03:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
Is it possible you shrank your sweaters? If not, congrats on buffing up a bit!

I make bad clothing decisions sometimes too. I recently went through my closet and had to get rid of tons of things that were a VERY BAD IDEA in the first place. : )
abmann From: abmann Date: November 13th, 2008 03:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
I shrank one of these sweaters before. When they shrink, they SHRINK> Or maybe they shrink. Plus, I had these dry cleaned so I'd expect they did it right.

They mostly fit too. Just not the shoulders and chest. So.. Yeah. Muscle, hopefully.

I just went through my clothes and ditched stuff I hadn't worn in a year, stuff that "I'd get tailored." or "I'll fit into again." That's just clutter so I gave it to Goodwill.

You dress yourself pretty well. What bad decisions do you make? It's all the daisy dukes, huh?
kiwikat From: kiwikat Date: November 13th, 2008 06:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
You and your fancy fonts! I bet it's muscle. Even if it's not, tell yourself it is so you can be all proud and self-confident.

I did that recently too, although I haven't given the stuff away yet. I'm waiting for the naked lady party at J&J's house.

I used to make way more bad clothing decisions. Mostly it's just buying stuff that doesn't fit right or that makes me too self-conscious to be comfortable wearing it.

I love my Daisy Dukes!
narcissuskisses From: narcissuskisses Date: November 13th, 2008 08:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh hell yes re: new season of Top Chef. Last night's episode made me excited about Bravo reality shows again, after the crapfest that was PR season 5.
abmann From: abmann Date: November 13th, 2008 09:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
The finale was annoying, sending all four again. It wasn't as good as last season certainly.

I wonder if the show will be better on Lifetime.
narcissuskisses From: narcissuskisses Date: November 16th, 2008 07:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
Nothing is better on Lifetime.
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