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You thought the elections were over???
Stevens almost re-elected except that mail delivery is slow in Alaska, apparently.
Coleman/Franken still undecided, Coleman leads by 206 votes. Who says their vote doesn't count? I'd like to punch them.
Did you hear? Nebraska's count wasn't done when called. Nebraska splits its electoral votes and by current count, Obama may have earned 1 electoral vote (of 5) from Nebraska, which would be the first time a Democrat received a vote from Nebraska since 1964.
Oh yeah, and Palin refuses to step out of spotlight. She intends to give her own concession speak against tradition (fine) on the talk show circuit (huh?). Oy.
Missouri still out - 364/162 count (Obama won NC)

Phew. Lots of news.

Last night was a good date night. Ghost Town rocks, is hilarious. TCBY is yummy. Making scones is fun. Staying up late with yet more video game cuddling nice but dumb. Tired today.

This weekend will be interesting. lady_fox is off to CreationCon Friday so I'm footloose and fancy-free the whole time. Something on the horizon seems to be shaping up nicely, which is quite happy making.

Photo stolen from lolobama.
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