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Endor - The Epic Tree House

Yesterday afternoon took a decidedly negative turn for me. Class is slow and I think I didn't eat properly. I crashed after lunch. Went to the gym where my slow ass got lapped by everyone for 3 miles. Then the treadmill on which I was doing speed trials errored at 9 minute pace - slam into the rails. The next treadmill calculated pace differently so a pace 2 minutes slower was faster than the previous machine's. Meh.

4 miles total last night. I wanted to do 5 but after running into a treadmill, I thought I'd best leave. Also, i had an minor asthma attack at lap 25 which worries me. Hopefully just winter.

Fox and I spent the evening cuddling under blankets playing games again. That was nice. We've become video game junkies.

I'm glad you mentioned games!
    List of game stuff:
  1. Mirror's Edged shipped today (I got the collector's edition with nifty bag [I'm a bag whore, I know]). So not getting to that for a while.
  2. Never going to finish Assassin's Creed....
  3. Took the "lawbringer" in Fallout when I reached level 14. I can take a finger from any evil NPC and sell it to the Regulators.
  4. Subsequently, I raided Paradise Falls for fun and took out all the slavers.... and inadvertently completed parts of the Main Quest three quests ahead of where I am. :)
  5. I found Harold the Mutant from the two previous Fallout games.
  6. Scrounger perk is awesome. I have 600 shotgun shells, 700 10mm bullets.

Photo: The childish (child-like?) nature of this post seems to fit the tree house at Epic. It's really nice. I took this photo in September with alyska while it was still warm. I bet it is really, really cold in there now.

Fun note: alyska left her bag on the table when we climbed into the loft. I had fun painting it out. Aperture's healing and clone tools are just spectacular. The clone tool functions like a heal brush in that after you paint your stroke, it calculates and fades/aligns lines and edges as if it were blending a heal stroke. So great.

Now, to find coffee!

---I found coffee! Now...
New first family code names are awesome:

President Barack Obama: Renegade
First lady Michelle Obama: Renaissance
First daughter Malia Obama: Radiance
First daughter Sasha Obama: Rosebud

Previous codenames.
The speakers on my Mini are really loud. Wow.
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