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He had an interesting head. What? Don't look at me like that.

This weekend was busy, interesting. Friday a lecture to which brdgt turned me on (oh, double entendre); thanks! I posted photos from it last night. I did send that last photo to Ms. Klein's assistant, her email is listed on the site. I'll let you know, of course, if anything comes of it.

Saturday was the iron pour. It was rather interesting but I felt out of place for most of the day. I was overdressed and couldn't talk sports with the men. I lingered with the women more and talked work and weekends.

After that was tandu's birthday (yay getting older) and I completely forgot to bring my camera. I blame iron smoke. :/ And the whiskey I drank that night which is illogical as the forgetting happened before the drinking but I rule my universe and what say goes. So there.

I'm in Verona this week. I found another application camp tp squeeze in before development gets to QA. So.. yay more certifications. I have about 6 more after this one before I'm certified in the whole Enterprise.

I'm going to try to run 20 miles this week. New goal as I stalled after hitting 50 last month. Need warmer running clothes too. I want to run around the lake this weekend, I think.

I feel.. good today. Vaguely powerful. Attractive.
Not sure why. You should come find me and explore this with me.
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