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I want to be a photojournalist some day.

I dislike that I can only speak thoughtfully about my job any more. At least, when I try to discuss anything recently, I get a barrage of information from the other person telling me I'm wrong. That's fine, I don't know much about politics or religion. I just don't think my considerations are any less valid because I can't relate it to voting patterns in various districts a state over.

I finished my first 50 miles earlier this week. I hit 51.5 miles and subsequently lost motivation, possibly because I think I don't deserve to reward myself, nor should I given recent changes to my finances. I haven't run since Sunday.

Haven't taken any photos in weeks. Winter is starting but sluggishly.


I worship at the altar of Magnum Photography. They did a few fantastic picture posts from the election these last few days, like this one with couples and election results.

I found this photo endearing, saddening, and then.. um.. funny.

Election photography roundup, Magnum style.
Obama celebrations.
You should see this map [NY Times, flash]. Click on "Voting Shifts" on the left side. Look at the blue shift since 2004. Sure, it matters less in states like Utah, but it's really interesting to see.
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