The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Fanboy moment. move along!

I am so done. Fallout 3 is great. Played it all last night with a brief hiatus to watch the Obama infomercial.

  • Luck 10 is awesome. Add a high agility and small gun score and I'm a head shooting fiend. I don't bother shooting real time at all, mostly because most bad guys drop with 3 to 4 bullets in their cranium. Surprise. :D
  • Also, I've already found a sniper rifle. I just need to repair it and I don't think I'll ever have to engage bad guys again.
  • The game is making me want to play a thief, which never happens, because it turned hacking and lock-picking into surprisingly entertaining mini-games. I'm not exactly certain HOW you could survive the game with no weapon abilities which saddens me. I want the all talk, no shoot option.
  • I own a house and a robot butler too. He tells really bad jokes.
  • I'm pretty much ignoring the main quest to do the Wasteland Survival Guide quests because maiming yourself for research is AWESOME.
  • You can actually eat anything you kill. There's even a perk to let you eat humans. :D
  • Weapon condition is realistic, interesting and INFURIATING. Darn broken weapons.
  • Low endurance sucks: I'm already addicted to vodka. Well, I guess that is fitting.
  • Bethesda did a great job matching the humor from the first Fallout to this one. It's silly.
  • Also, the in-game radio stations are just perfect. Wandering the wasteland with 30's and 40's music is such a wonderful touch.

    So, yeah. Love it. I have tis afternoon and all day tomorrow off. Guess what I'll be doing? :D

    Re: Obama infomercial. Interesting medium, innovative considering previous elections and I good idea all around. However, I am not the intended audience since I'm already decided. but I can see how a refresh of all his policy ideas is really nice. Honestly? i wish John McCain would do something like it because I don't know where he stands on a number of things. I don't think McCain knows either anymore.

    McCain - creating and recreating the man: Discusses McCain's inability to present a consistent image and campaign narrative.
    Isn't that, like, socialism? - commentary on the hypocritical last line of attacks from the right.
    Palin '12! - um, oh dear.
    Oh sweet, passed that certification project where the model records we were supposed to use were WRONG. I guess I win for fixing them.

    That's 16 application certifications.
    Hmm.. wonder how many tests and projects total? Roughly 30+ tests and 30+ projects in the last 4 years. Wow.
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