The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Saw Tropic Thunder last night. Robert Downey? So damn funny. So very funny. Ate way too many M&Ms though (me, not Lord Downey Junior - he can eat all the M&Ms he wants).

Quick run this morning at the gym as a warm up. I wanted to see if I could keep a 9 minute mile pace. I can, for just over a mile before I feel like I'm going to fall over - not from exhaustion, but from equilibrium. I hate treadmills as I feel off balance, but they're great for pacing. Also, running faster feels better on my body overall. Less impact maybe or that could be the treadmill.

I guess I'm just boring now.

Last run time: 9 minutes
Last run distance: 1.3 miles link: NONE. GO AWAY.
Total Mileage: 43.6
Next milestone: 50 miles

Current weight: 194 still.
Rough calories burned: 122
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