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On persimmons and speed.

This Old VillageBasho, for various reasons, is my favorite Japanese poet. Some days, he's even my favorite poet of all. So, I like to use any number of excuses to post his work when it relates to mine. :D

This Old Village
This old village --
not a single house
without persimmon trees.

I enjoy the simplicity of haiku. I enjoy the density. In this in particular, I enjoy the sarcasm. :)

My knees ache a little today. I blame the hills, even though I want to blame the snow. Pretty certain I can't logically blame snow for knee ache the following day of a run. :/ Still. I'm vaguely concerned that I'm doing something bad in my runs and that I'm going to severely injure myself. I think this is because brdgt and antarcticlust are down and out from over running.

I've been noticing some hip pain depending on my stride. It usually goes away after a mile or two or when I consciously adjust my stride - especially if I speed up. Thats kid of annoying on the whole, less pain if I move faster, which I cannot maintain for the same distances. Maybe I need to do for speed training to increase that. That could work.

Crossing the threshold between the 4th and 5th mile yesterday was revelatory. This particular course was really pretty - prettiest I've run so far - and as I hit that threshold, the views opened up and the clouds cleared. I felt refreshed and strong. I guess that's breaking through a wall.

Now, if I could just get to that runner's high everyone talks about. On the plus, I'm not remotely sore today.

Also: I'm considering the Shamrock Shuffle next year or Crazylegs. Anyone want to join me? The former is a 5 or 10k and the latter is 8k.

Also also: I can make iPhone ringtones. :D Now, what song should I use for mine? What is quintessential ABM? (Barbie Girl, of course. )
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