The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

I just redefined my long run distance. 7 miles now. 5 has become amateur.

I'm trying to work 5 miles as my standard run. Currently I run 3 at a time unless I'm trying to run faster times where I'll keep it to around 2. Or I actually try running in the morning where 2 is the most I can do before I run into a wall.

uh, I was going to write more but I'm a little pooped and out of it. Should probably eat some.. you know.. food. things. Suffice that 7 miles was far, far easier than expected. Even up hill into the wind. Stupid wind.

Also, running outside > Running track. Even if I got snowed on today.


Elevation map:

Last run time: 90 minutes
Last run distance: 7.24 mile Rich People Neighborhood
Total Mileage: 42.3
Next milestone: 50 miles

Rough calories burned: 819
Current weight: 194.6
Tags: fat log, run log
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