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WAAA. Woke up at 3:30. Couldn't get fully back to sleep. Went to gym at 5:30. Ran a mile and a half and did some really mediocre weight training stuffs. Bleh. Feel all discombobulated.

On the plus, I gained some muscle as I was able to complete a fourth set of various exercises even after adding extra weight. So, that's positive.

Supernatural last night was HILARIOUS.

<div><a href=""><img
src=""alt="Which Supernatural Character are you?"border="0"/></a><br /><small>Take the <ahref="">SupernaturalCharacter Quiz</a></br></div>

Meh. Work. Lame. Crap, forgot books for this evening. :/

Last run time: 18 min
Last run distance: 1.6 miles link: Princeton Club. Again...
Total Mileage: 35.1
Next milestone: 50 miles

Current weight: D'oh!
My calves hurt.
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