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Call me Ishmael.

I'm reading Ishmael, after much brow beating from Maryam and Iris.


It's good, that much I can say at least. It's not really earth shatteringly good but I think that's because I've read so many books like it before. My mother raised me, after she left my father, on the ideals presented in this book.

So, why do I live as I do? That's why I'm depressed right now. I want so much to do something about this book, send it to world leaders etc. But, that won't do any real good. They'll do the same thing I've been doing these last 9 years: know they should do something but watch it fall by the wayside because the culture crunches on.

After every page I remember that tomorrow I still have to work, I still have to go to the library. I still have to research and write and get myself educated so I can go and kill the world. Matter of fact, I'll be banking things created by our society. It's so depressing.

If I were to do anything I'd not be taken seriously. Not even were I well respected.

i still have to write so much. only three weeks in the semester. Only 8 till GRE. I don't need this book reminding me how fucking futile so much of this really is.

Crunch on, wonton demon. Crunch on.
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