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I could get into this thing

Today, in some fit of entirely rational "not-a-fat-person" logic , I decided that I should do a long run after work. See, tomorrow I'm unable to go to the gym after work. Saturday I'll be working up plot for a V:tM game and updating my webpage. Earliest I'll have for a run is Sunday and, as Sundays tend towards super lazy days, I might not have the motivation to run at all, let alone more than three miles.

Thus, I hit the track.
Now, if you were a normal person in my situ, you'd be satisfied going that distance since you've only run 5 miles once and walked a decent portion of that to boot. But you're not me nor am I normal. I figured that, since I managed a 3+ mile run through hilly territory with only 500 ft of walking, I could totally manage 5 little miles on the flat little track without stopping at all.

Well, I did.


Last run time: 65 minutes
Last run distance: 5.3 miles Princeton Club
Total Mileage: 25.37
Next milestone: 50 miles

Rough calories burned: 667
Current weight: 193
Tags: fat log, i am awesome, run log
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