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I am LAZY. i opted to cuddle a purring, warm cat than get up and go to the gym this morning. I wasn't tired. I was, in fact, very awake and rather happy to be awake when my alarm went off. I suppose this was picture perfect lack of motivation. Ah well. I'm still going this afternoon. I'm going to see if I can make it 5 miles on the track at Princeton Club. 50 laps seems immeasurably large.

Apparently tis whole running thing is working well for me. I'm wearing a shirt that shrank in the wash. It isn't uncomfortable to wear anymore. Generally it would press on my lurvehandles but I'm not getting that right now. So. There ya go. Yoyoing weight (I weighed 193 this morning) but slimmer waist. I'll take it. I don't especially care about numbers.

We watched the whole debate again because we are junkies. It annoyed me. Surprise. I think Obama spent too much time defending himself and not enough detailing McCain's issues. However, Obama did not look like a, condescending clown when he wasn't speaking. Also, the who part about Palin vs. Biden? Well couched remarks from McCain. So, I think if you only look at the surface - the talk, interplay, force, etc - McCain won the debate. But I suspect if you look into the veracity of either claims, McCain continues to inflate (maybe conflate) his differences from Bush and the party in general.

Tonight? Finish certification projects. Hopefully in time to watch Supernatural AND the finale of Project Runway. If any of you spoil the latter, I'll cut ya. Though I think I know who won because the stupid DVR jumped us to the last minute of the episode when it freaked out scheduling in the middle of us watching the debate.

In more important news:

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