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Soda Shoppe

My take on the chrome chairs. I didn't go so far as to roll on the ground.
[The Meat]
I promised myself no gym today. Slept in until 7. No running this afternoon either as I'm still pretty tired, not sore which is surprising. However, walking up stairs tires my legs pretty quickly. Generally believe thats a sign to chill for a day. Any way, after yesterday's mediocre performance, a rest will be nice.

I want to be excited for the debates tonight but I fear it'll rehash the same content from the previous two. I'd like some dramatic idiocy or heartening speaking but I doubt either will do either. Unfortunate. Also that the candidates don't abandon their stumps much is sad. Maybe they'll have more specifics since they've had more time to flesh out plans, especially with the economy. Lord, don't let this debate be Economic Crisis, mark 3.

I'm far more excited for the Project Runway (Damn you, Kenley) finale tonight than the debate. :/ That's sad and potentially makes me a bad intelligent person. Or should that just be a stupid person?

I listened to a speech by William Jennings Bryant yesterday (link below the picture of Bryant). Man, I wish that happened more regularly. Though, he did lose the race ultimately. :/

Whoa..people actually run 100 mile marathons???
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