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Running Machine (apparently)

I had just a great run this evening.

There, I said it. I enjoyed a run. I'm done for.

I decided (because I'm INSANE) that, if I could complete Saturday's run without dying, I could probably do a much nicer (read "flatter") run without stopping, right? Right?

Yes, I was (mostly). I walked a grand total of 500 ft. That was the half the distance from Marty Rd to High Point Rd on the last leg of my run - which was up a final hill (I fucking hate living both on a hill and in a valley [how does that even work!?], I start and/or end every run on a fucking hill).

But either way, I'm pleased. Just a week and a half ago, on 10/4, I ran the same course backwards and had to walk about a mile and a half. That's some frickin' progress right there.

The elevation for this route was much nicer:
From my apartment door to the top of High Point Rd hill is almost precisely 1 miles. This is great because now I can do speed and hill drills to increase my climbing stamina and speed with a rather accurate measure. And if I can run like an 8 minute mile up a hill and not die, that's pretty damn awesome.

Last run time: 48 minutes (much faster than last time)
Last run distance: 4.38 mile
High Point hill through Elver
Total Mileage: 19.88 (that's annoying)
Next milestone: 50 miles

Rough calories burned: 551
Current weight: 198.6

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