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OMG Things!

  1. Would the world please shut up about Indian Jones movie? Even WPR is mentioning it.
  2. Don't Shoot the Puppy
  3. Dear diary - have you added the feed?
  4. Totally didn't work on my website this week since I didn't go hang at the market. I guess I did that 5 miler instead...
  5. Living where I live means no easy start or end to a run but I don't want to drive somewhere else. That seems self-defeating.
  6. But I want to run around the lakes at some point this month.
  7. yay more application camp this month. Three certifications to finish this month. :)
  8. Mm.. bonuses that I probably shouldn't use to buy a new camera....
  9. Totally made it to the gym this morning. And planning a run this afternoon. I am a machine.
  10. Dude. WPR trying to raise $15,000 this hour. Go Pledge! (Wish I hadn't already as I'd like the book offered currently.)

And finally, a creepy statue at Epic's learning center:
Creepy Little Girl Statue
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