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Run log - 10/8

Something.. strange happened yesterday during my run. Note that I ran in the afternoon rather than the morning. I got to lap 14 at the gym (10 laps is a mile) and considered a walking lap to rest. I told myself I'd finish the half mile and go from there. When I finished the lap, I said to myself, "Ok, we can rest now," to which a very small but clear voice responded, "I can do more."

Does your body have a voice? I didn't think mine had one. The previous three runs had been grueling, difficult ordeals where I stopped when required to prevent injury or exhaustion. To distinctly hear something say, "I can do more" even in a small, mousy voice - and it was young, cute but determined sounding - is dumbfounding. I isn't the sort of thing I expected yet.

So, I kept going. I made it to 19 before walking 3/4s a lap and starting in again. I made it another 6 before walking a lap then finishing the third mile.

I think I may be crazy now.
Well. Cazier.

So much so that I've decided to set mileage milestones and rewards for reaching these goals. At 50 total miles logged, I'll be buying myself some fun exercise shirts from Threadless and a new pair of shorts - as is, my current pairs don't fit right because I'm between sizes. I'm hoping after 50 miles, I'll be a little slimmer.

I think at 100 miles, I'll purchase a heart rate monitor. If I can get that many miles in, in winter no less, I figure I'm going to keep it up and a monitor will be great for tempo and speed runs.

god, I'm such a nerd. I decide to do thing X and then spend the next few weeks exhaustively learning about X and associated Y's and Z's. Next thing you know, I'm going to run a marathon. <shudders>

Last run time: 31 minutes
Last run distance: 3 miles
Map my run link: I don't think 30 laps at Princeton club is especially interesting to map.
Total Mileage: 9.8
Next milestone: 50 miles

Current weight: 193
Tags: exercise, fat log, run log, running
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