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Workin' on it.

Bleh. I am failing miserably at this exercise at 5am thing. I think my problem is the pressure I feel to get to work immediately upon waking. I don't like dallying around doing morning stuff. I don't even eat breakfast; I eat at work. I can't relax if I know I need to be somewhere and going to the gym at 5ish makes me feel like I MUST get to work before 7. MUST. It's ridiculous. I recognize it is ridiculous but can't change the mental process.

So, I'm going to try both morning and afternoon exercise. Yes, it is counter-intuitive to do this. I figure that if I do any weight training in the morning and then cardio in the afternoon, I'm more likely to satisfy all crazy desires. Weight training doesn't take as long so it's good for the morning; I want running to be a longer exercise so afternoon is ideal.

Of course, the is bass-ackwards as to when ether form of exercise is more effective per each goal. In the morning, you burn more fat than carbs so cardio is more effective for weight loss. In the afternoon, when I have glycogen and protein reserves, weight training builds muscle more rapidly. I'm not sure what happens when you flip them but they're less good at doing what they need to do.

I think what I NEED to learn is that I set my own work hours and no one will care if I come in later than I normally do.
Ugh, but I hate staying later than 4.

Stupid conflicting desires.

So, on with exercise twice a day (which I'm actually kinda pleased I'm finally doing). Well, sorta. Didn't get up this morning because I'm LAZY and Fox and the cats are WARM.

Zombie prostitutes.
My webhost offered me free unlimited service - unlimited disk space and bandwidth - if I let them migrate my website server to a new server. Nuts. I know pay $10 a month for unlimited web space. I should really use it more.

So if my site and comic go down, sorry. :) Part of the agreement to get the free upgrade was that i had to be nice to them when their efforts broke my webspace. Seems fair for unlimited everything forever especially since eventually it will work again. Woo "Dreamhost!
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