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Bountiful innuendo - RUNNING COMMENTARY

I'm already freaking out over the election.

Florida is recounting votes.

Voting is oddly thrilling, refreshing and vindicating.

I voted some greens for Verona city council.

Did you?

EDIT: I find my self staring at's election map. Refresh. Stare. refresh...

EDIT, The Sequel: I can't wait for the day when all voting is instantly tabulated to a centralized computer. I want instant results! None of this bothersome waiting for humans to report. Humans are inferior. I want a vote by vote list giong. I don't care to know when a state can be declared to a single candidate.

EDIT - a trilogy: Has it already been a month simce the first debates? Holy fuck, wher has all this time gone. What have I done with it?

EDIT. A quartet in Minor. Kerry was projected as ahead in the last polls by about 2%. A lead is a lead (can you tell for whom I voted yet?), ne? I'm hoping that all this "Cell phone" generation talk is a joke and has an impact. Good thing about my generation? We like democrats, largely. Even the Xians (christians, like Xmas) I know are democrats.

EDITO Cinqo: never have I seen so much voting posts. I like that people care so much. My friend's list is all "I voted. Did yuo vote" I'd almost be annoyed but I love it!.

1:09. I have "Spendocrats" going through my head. Damn you Simpsons. Damn you and your fake Rush Limbaugh. Damn you Rush Limbaugh.

2:03 WHy do I like rice cakes so much? because it makes me feel like I'm eating a crazy cracka like Bush! (I need help)

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