The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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Interesting day already. I tell you, I am a multitasking monster.
    A few random things!
  • deardiary_comic
  • Enjoyed the debates last night though I'm surprised anyone still says "nucuelar" anymore.
  • Love Biden even more after researching the reason he got choked up.
  • Vote for me!
  • My Mini is great. It works just as well for my remote work tasks as I wanted. Though, I want to remao three keys.
  • JPG Mag users went on a "friending" spree over me.
  • Looks like I successfully kicked my team into gear to fix the penalty box issues.

Is the day over? I'm ready for the weekend. Also, need (need) to watch Supernatural after work. Yay DVR!
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