The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

  • Mood:
    Ugh. Things
  1. Went home sick yesterday.
  2. Slept for an extra six hours or so.
  3. yay for Supernatural.
  4. Boo for still feeling exhausted.
  5. Dragged ass to gym this morning.
  6. Don't feel better.
  7. I need to dust the house. I think that will help.
  8. Finding motivation for that, however, is very difficult
In AWESOME news, my Mini shipped! <does a Mini dance>
I have too many computers now. Officially. Like whoa.
Still no idea what to do with the now super out-of-date desktop. I don't think it's been turned on in over a year. Well, I haven't touched it since we moved to current apartment at lest. I think lady_fox has looked at it funny since then.
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