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Sourdough Bread - mark2

Sourdough Bread - mark2
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I can say now that I successfully converted my amish friendship bread starter mix into a straight up sourdough starter. I had to feed to regular flour and no sugar for a few weeks and, after tasting the second loaf of the transitional starter, this bread is incredible.

I let the starter sponge ferment for 26 hours on the counter. Today, I mixed it up into bread and let it rise for six or so hours. Before baking it with pan of water in the oven to help the crust form.

The result is a delightfully sour and very crust boule. My only minor complaint is that the crust isn't shiny. Next time I bake, I'm going to spritz the dough with a cornstarch solution which should help it get a glossy coat.

Also, I halved the recipe and made the same size boule because I let it ruse all day. Awesome.

So tasty.

In OTHER news, I've been at work for over two hours and have only just finished dealing with emails and stuff from Friday. Apparently missing a Friday is bad. Bleh. Plus, I had to clear up some random compile error that broke the hell out of major components for which my team is responsible.

How is it that I become responsible for issues like this so frequently? Why have I emailed the QA and development divisions a dozen times in the last four weeks? Lametoast! Meh. Responsibility sucks.

PS: I think the starter is stable enough that I can give some out to any interested parties.
PPS: Taking allergy meds again is WONDERFUL. Need to wash the sheets tonight though. And dust the apartment.. but.. ugh, dusting makes my allergies go crazy.

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