The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Not really seasonal, not really curable.

So. After 3.75 hours, I am allergic to dogs, pollen, ragweed, cats, cockroach and dustmites. The last is very obviously the worst given the large, still visible lump on my arm.

Dog was negligible. Ragweed and pollen were moderate; cats a few steps above those but less than dust mites. At least, that's what it seems. Doctor put cats, dust and ragweed about similar.

Doc recommends hard wood floors (yay) and pillow and mattress coverings which cost a homely penny. He told me he doesn't understand people liker me that are allergic to pets but still won't get rid of them.

Me specifically, apparently, as he said "you" and "people like you" rather than "people" or "pet owners." Personally? I don't understand why you don't get punched more, Sir Allergist.

Anyway, I really think reducing dust is the way to go. Think I can get a discount on hardwood floors if I say my doctor said I have to have them?

Also, he write a prescription for Clairitin D for me so I can get a full month's supply without being treated like a criminal. That's really nice. I suppose a particular bright spot among the small range of red, puffy irritation.
Log into Adium and get a message from person I met last year saying she's deleting me because I won't meet her. Uh... did you mention that all those times we chatted? Geez.
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