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Yup. Caved. I'm done for; I made a race of bunny men. Took me forever to figure out how to get them to stand up-right. You can click AND drag the spine sections - which, by the way, makes for some Very Silly Creatures akin to this.

I like that when you finish a stage, you can linger. I hadn't gathered half the various body parts when I'd completed the "Creature" stage. I stayed until I created something to my liking. You know.. something buff looking with bunny ears.

One thing I dislike: Evolution with carnivores is dictated by your game play style. Do you want to snipe or tank to get your food? You can choose which body parts, like venom spit or antlers, to accomplish this. With herbivores, you MUST have all 4 social abilities to make peace with the various species if you wish to progress in a reasonable time frame.

Otherwise, crazy entertaining. And freakishly cute. Looks great on my Macbook Pro too. Love my laptop.
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