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Wherein I fix my own bad mood.

Me = sad.

No outing to parties. Need more Madison friends.
Good weekend at home playing games. Suddenly I'm struck how potentoally sad that is considering the amount of party pics on my friend's list.


Saturday potluck was a success. Small. Fun. Making fun of Poltergeist and Cujo. Vampire chicken was tasty but the stake was cut waaaaaaay to wide (see previous post). Less cedar, more sausage flavor. Not bad. Next year must remember to bake the bitch longer as the joints were still red again.

Word to the wise: Transylvannia produces a special wine for Hallowe'en called, of course, Vampire. I think it's just red vinegar. Either it went bad or was bad. I'm leaning towards the latter. Bottle is cool and we're keeping it with the other empty bottle as house decoration. Is that declassé?

So... I didn't go out this holiday which makes me quite sad. None (as in absolutely none) responded to me inquiries regarding parties in the area or if they wanted to come to our (my and lady_fox's) potluck. I figured this was a good point meld the lines between coworkers and friends. Utter failure. I am sad. In semi serious question to those of you that have met me: was I hard to get to know? At work I am crazy-social guy. I go talk to those I've never met. I make good conversation and smile all the time. The only time I'm close to surly with a coworker is when we're all annoyed at something that screws us all over. I figure at this point that it may not be my attitude but something else. I got nothin'. Plus, I seem to have alienated some one so thoroughly gor reasons I don't know. THis is incredibly sad.

The friends that I do have here are lots like me - reclusive. This severely hinders my ability to gravitate to extraversion. Lame. As much as I enjoy watching movies, feeding my friends, and playing piles of video games - I'd like to go out to dance and drink and generally be a psychotic club freak for a while. This is something I am uncomfortable doing alone or with random people I haven't at least seen before (sorry djtatsu ;)).

So yeah. Today played so much video games - which is nice to do. But over a holiday seem especially pathetic. Were it any other weekend I'd be proud that I played so much after a long week. Bah! But of course, in my curent state of mind, I'm forgetting how wildly successful last night's poyluck was. Evil Sam's fianceé is awesome (and german so she's more acturately "engagiert".) It must be a pre-req that all would-be English learners must be ridiculously cute. She offered nifty perspective on Americans. Germans don't think Americans are stupid, just GW. But they will think we're dumb if he gets reelected. :)

Ramble ramble... The guests had fun and there was so much sugar. Oh fucking lord was there sugar. Fox and I go so nuts when we do these things. We spent about $150 dollars buying food for 6 people... 6 PEOPLE. I wish we had decorated but that might have doubled the cost. :þ It's fun.

PS. Budgets rule. I did so well that I was able to pay for all this extra stuff with breathing room (and buy that game) I'm such a dork.

Hmm.. I've talked myself out of my shitty mood during that cut. Go me.

Fuck you political ads. Fox tells me that the Wallstreet journal tells her that the candidates have started running "don't vote" ads targeting their opponents (Democrats target Christians; Republicans target blacks) in nonswing states. That makes me so angry in so many ways, if true. "No no no.. ignore what we've been saying for months. You don't need to vote! You neighbor will get your candidate elected." Stupid politics.

Goal for next year: get invited to a party.
Goal for next week: get Fox addicted to Katamari Damacy.
Goal for next ten minutes: well.. you probably don't want to know.
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