The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero
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Bleh. i feel uninspired and without creativity. No photography outside of little exercises in silly vanity lately. I don't even feel up to photog_xp themes. Just bleh. I haven't really taken dedicated photography time either as, generally, that means lots of wandering around and food buying - one of my favorite parts. I can't really afford that. We'll, I shouldn't afford that, rather.

It's also the start of fall when tends to mess with me. Less sunlight makes me a little slower.

Life right now is slower too. Some relationship discord. Work stress and annoyances. Lack of this, want for that. You know, boring human stuff that I can't really describe.

On the plus, taking an extended break from the gym last week seemed to help restore my body some. I seem to have slimmed a bit in the love handle area. Clothes are still fitting funny though. Hoping an increase of muscle is to blame but I can't say until I schedule a body comp test.

Ennui, yo. Look at it go.
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