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Darn you, LJ.

Oh.. LJ ate my entry. :( sadness.

    Reader's Digest version:
  • In a desire to trick out my camera bag, I found this, this, this, and this when I shouldn't have.
  • Gushing about my camera bag fitting camera, lenses, book, and sundry.... and a laptop potentially!
  • Stupid body has gained mass in th last few weeks. Sure, stronger good (assuming o gained muscle) but I want to be SMALLER.
  • Various bitching about my fatness that everyone is going to yell out me about but you're all wrong anyway.
  • More musing about forcing myself out of bed at 5:30 after 20 hours of bargaining and pleading with myself to get up to weight train, exhaustion and how slow the coffee maker is in the morning.
  • Then talk about how I hate cardio and need to do it more frequently, longer and harder - three things I also dislike about cardio exercise.
  • More talk about how awesome this is.
  • More lust for Dell Mini. So cute and I'm so getting one with my next bonus.
  • A trip today to Fleet Feet
  • Hair cuts.
  • Annoyance with RNC fallout.
  • Annoyance with selling camera lenses on eBay.
  • Installation of Dish Network on Thursday and subsequent HD awesomosity of Project Runway, Top Design and Bear Grylls' abdominals.
  • And then I unified all theories of physics.

    True story.
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