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Phil Donahue is on WPR right now. He's an engaging, passionate speaker. I never realized this when he was doing that talk show which was... terrible. This, though, - him speaking of terrorism and war and political force - is inspiring and enflaming.

I don't think I slept last night. I woke achy, sore, and still exhausted. I didn't go to the gym again; that's two days now. My back is sore from the labor yesterday and my hand a little stiff, though better today than it was last night when it was throbbing. Let me tell you, when you have only one hand that hand starts hurting in the joints and muscles, you get scared quickly. I had my first ever vague worries about incapacitation last night that I do not wish to re-live. Subsequently, I'm going to dig up my one-handed keyboard and practice. So long as I have use of my fingers, I can still type.

Maybe I should practice typing with my feet again. I can play some video games with my toes and used to be able to type with my feet - slowly, sure, but type all the same. Yes, LJ, I have a back-up plan in case of catastrophe. :)

Re: photog_xp - New theme request up. I think I need additional moderators to help keep the community going when work and life eat me. Anyone interested who could post the two required polls on Thursdays and Fridays? I'll work out a schedule for people depending on who wants to help.

I'd like to go back to bed now, please. Or, I guess, just stop feeling sore everywhere.
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