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Neck deep?

Much much wOrk. Little sleep, more on the way.

Still haven't studied for the GRE, gotta take it in September. Sigh, so much to do it hurts.

Alexis said that if I get all my work done on schedule I could present my experiment in November, February, and May. Oiy. There's a conference in Rockford in November that I could present at. Of course, I won't really have all my paper finalized that but I'll have analyzed most of the data. THat would be fabu. Then another conference in May in Madison I think, but I'll have everything done by that point. February would be a symposium. Heh, go figure. I insulted them enough that it was bound that I'd do one.

After all this, Alexis suggests that I can then get iT published. I'm pretty sure that, if all goes according to plan, I'll get my pick of Grad Schools. Busy much? Oiy, I say again.

However... damn. I do hope this goes better than it has been. I have so much work to do. So much. Alexis told me to sleep as homework tonight. guess I look haggard. I didn't think I was doing so bad.

I'm in it neck deep I guess, but it'll all get done. It always does. Everything is down hill from now on I suppose.

On the plus side I got a postcard from M'ris randomly. It was one of those things that just made me smile, made my day really. Thanks M'ris.

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