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Lady and the Eagle

Lady and the Eagle
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I watched the sunrise from atop an elliptical machine. It was nice and little strange concurrently. I had little trouble getting up at 5 when the alarm range; I stayed in bed 10 minutes longer gauging my response to a bad night of sleep - the apartment leaks all the heat it gathers facing southward - and the likelihood of dying the moment I touched cold bathroom tile. I figured I wouldn't so I rolled up and fought to shut the cat up; she doesn't like schedule changes and becomes caustic, grating. Well, the earliness may make me caustic and her, subsequently, grating. Suffice that I got up and out with little issue aside from forgetting my lunch which I squarely blame on general morning doofiness rather than Particularly Early Morning doofiness which is a different beast all together.

The best part was watching the quarter finals for handball. Handball is this interesting mix of lacrosse and basket ball that I'd really like to play. Six on a side, one goalie watches a net roughly the size of a lacrosse goal. Some amount of contact is allowed and you can't be ejected for fouling too much like in basketball. it has the potential to be really rough. watching the players score is awesome. They chuck the ball what hard and I'm not surprised the goal fell over after taking one in the chest. Looked really painful; nice save, but that will certainly leave a mark.

I exercised thoroughly. The elliptical says I burned around 400 calories in 30 minutes and I did a number of upper body strength exercises too to make up for a bottom-heavy routine yesterday. I went relatively easy on the weights since I didn't know what timing everything else would have given I needed to shower before work. I managed to get in at 6:45 so I suspect I can work a little longer and still be in by seven, later if I'm sluggish in the morning but still likely the first one in the building.

Also, the scale says I'm at 193. Um.. boo? I think it's muscle but gaining any weight worries me.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I have some unfortunately bad stuff to deal with because our slow developer is slow and didn't make ANY fixes to bugs I report last Wednesday so I'm mostly stuck. Good thing he's working hard on this so I can get it tested easily by Thursday morning. Wouldn't want either of us to work really late unnecessarily. Jerk.

PS: I love how shutting down Windows with any program open now registers as a crash to those applications - Office 2007 included - and triggers the error recovery processes.

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