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Humble sacrifice.

I haven't posted many words in here recently. I feel as if this is a failing. I use this as a medium for friends and such to keep up with waht I'm doing, yet rarely post "This was my day" entries. I hate them. You hate them. Small, malnourished children in Guam hate them, but would really like some bread. I suppose though that this is what my life has been recently, a flurry of pictures.

I'm starting to feel naked without my camera. This is both really good and really bad. It is good because I'll be going out this weekend to just wander town and take pictures. Thus, both getting nifty images to share and increase my abilities and increasing my "get around town" skills. WHat this means to you is further pictures, which may or may not be a bad thing. Little has been said one way or the other regarding these images - not that I'd stop if you thougt they sucked. I do apologize, though, to people like graye because he gets to see them two to three times because he and I belong to similar photography communities. Actually, I cut those images almost exclusively with him in mind.

Nakedness is bad in the way that I can't really take it to work with me. I felt strange enough doing A Friday Fairy Tale. I've signed agreements that state I can get fired if I reproduce bits of my company's program on the net. Theoretically I could get fired for a bad angle, though I think they wouldn't do that outright. So, I don't take it to work and therefore don't have it after wirk. No, I won't leave it in my car.

ALSO, I haven't gotten over the weird judgment feeling I sense when I take random pictures - especially since I have the digital equivalent of a single use camera. Had I a real camera, with big, honking lenses, ten I'm an artist. Not some "weird guy taking pictures of me." That will come in time (the comfort level and better camera).

The good thing with my job is that I get a big bonus when ever I certify in a new program. The next one I'm planning on doing, in December, offers $1000(!) bonus. That's a new, real camera right there.

Otherwisem life is raising Satan. I'm also made myself and Iris. The me Sim looks eerily like me. Playing myself in my apartment, in my apartment... strange. I worry about my own existence worrying about my... yeah. I should let Marduke eat me.

Sidenote: graye and kingfox and dragonflyknight I have only icons to work off of for two of you, so I'll make you guys later. Maybe tomorrow, I dunno. I'll post pictures of all the "real" Sims I make, cuz it's funny to see the merits and limitations of the engine.

Vampire: Bloodlines release was pushed back to Nov 8th. I'm in pain. Want game so hard. Looks chewy and sacreligious.

EDIT: Also. lady_fox and I start a new diet next month, therefore we are gorging on cheesecake; thus, making the first step that much hard and worthwhile. :)

Sims 2 has become essentially,
masturbation now. :\ And I'm an addict again.

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