The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Photos and work

More photos published in the Isthmus.
(And I missed this one in June.)
That's 11 total!

Today I'm wrangling spreadsheets to show that my new way of reporting certain data I collect for all R&D leads and the VP is much better than the old way. Also, less work for all involved. So, far looks like I'm right.

Now, I'm just making it simpler for other applications by linking my database spreadsheet to their surveys. Right now, I'm struggling with permissions. Apparently even though I'm an administrator for the entire QA SharePoint site, I don't have admin permissions for all subsites. That's just silly.

Meh. Need to get real work done today before I vanish for go-live.

Lastly: I think I like Lost too much. I want to make more icons.

Photography addendum: Rumors of new Nikon prime lenses and a new camera.
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