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Below Wonderland
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This weekend was mostly good. Not enough sleep Friday night lead to grumpiness Saturday and a 4 hour nap. I hate naps, especially when I keep waking just enough to be conscious but unable to move my body. This leads to mental freak out until I fall asleep again. Repeat 11 minutes later. So, not very restful on top of feeling like a lay-about.

Went to slavetopurple's and tandu's Anti-Great Taste of the Midwest beer tasting where I discovered my love for Belgian triples, reaffirmed my love of lambics and then found a FANTASTIC coffee/beer dealie called "Oscura" (click on the last image in the row). Fair trade coffee + Mexican lager = summer goodness. I wish they had a brewery to tour but apparently they manufacture it in other brewer's factories for lack of funding. Good beer, though. You should try some; the various Barriques sells them.

Mm.. beer. Still need to tour the Ale Asylum. Maybe I'll do that on the 22nd. I'm probably going to take the day off. The next two weeks are going to busy. Too much work, deadline, go-live. Crazy.

Sunday was lots of Lost, more bacon chocolate and gym trips. I like weight lifting but it's not helping me slim down. I'm up a shirt size - yeah, bought clothes yesterday too - and I HOPE it is muscle and not fat. Not too easy to tell. Still need to get another body-fat measure. it's been about three months.

I hate running.

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Is it weird that I never memorized month numbers besides May through August? I always have to count the months out to get the right number.

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