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Spare some change?
I need to buy some drugs. And alcohol.

lady_fox keeps kicking my ass in Soul Calibur. that's fine; I just punch her in her sleep.
We've added Barbie (daggers [so much pink]), Mrs. Claus (iaijutsu), Willie Nelson (katana), and Johnny Cash (katana).

Potential second date with medeine next week if the implementation coordinator actually gives me shifts and hours information for the go-live the 14th-16th I'm supposedly supporting. That would be nice - the date, I mean. I'm not especially excited about go-lives. Well, at least not the same sort of excited I am about seeing her again. :)

Work goes. Two weeks until deadline. Numerous DLGs not in to testing because of stupid changes to the development flow.

Making cookies tonight for consumption tomorrow with alyska and jeffreyp.

Things are pretty darn good.

PS: Brett is moving to the Jets. They only intend to use him for a season and no guarantees on starting. I'm amused and glad all that stupid stuff is over.
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