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Hair in the wind.

Hair in the wind.
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Much better today though I still feel groggy. I suspect this is from running out of allergy meds; likely I didn't sleep as deeply. Must refill me drugs!

Also had some odd dreams - psychological, dark. Clearly Dark Knight is to blame; I could analyze the movie more watching the second time. I strongly disagree with the PG-13 rating given the psychological drama and execution of the Joker. Children should watch this movie even if they may not exactly understand the themes.

I heard the audience more last night too. People were laughing ore than I recall the first time I saw it. I wonder if it was from discomfort or lack of understanding/engagement with the character - the latter more likely; i certainly didn't want to engage with the Joker character. Shudder. But laughing? I didn't find it funny at all.

Maybe I think too much.

Exercise: I'm down a belt notch, up a pant size and up some poundage. I hope the middle is inconsistency in pant style and manufacture. The last may be any umber of things, and I need to weight myself more regularly to gauge my actual current weight. but I seem to be hovering higher in the 180s now. I believe most of it to be muscle as by chest, shoulders and arm seem to be larger than before and I'm using more weight on various machines - much more in some instances.

Overall, positive progress. Need to do more cardio as usual though.

Tonight! Tonight Fox and I have a date with Pente, coffee, cookies and potentially Soul Calibur when she's tired of me trouncing her in the mentioned bored game.

Oh yes. I show no mercy to my significant others. Not when there are pieces and game boards involved.
(she likely kick my ass in SC4 though)

Photo: Surreptitious portrait taken many weeks ago near the pond by my Father's house. It was dusk adn the light was fantastic.
Neener neener.
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