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Bascom Hall

Lost is screwing with my sleep cycle. Up until midnight again because we didn't realize the season finale was extra long. Oy. Coffee coffee coffee. But, oh man, am I loving this show. So much so that, when the last disc for season 1 wasn't in the mail, i bought season 1 and 2 at Preplayed. I suspect I'll be watching these shows again... and again trying to piece together the story. So good.

Otherwise, I have little to report. We're off to a Mallards game tonight. Our apartment complex bought the tickets and we're tailgating beforehand. Kinda net but it means no first date with my Xbox tonight which is currently somewhere between here and Hodgkins, Il. What ever. I'll just skip work or something.

No, that's a life.
But I don't want it to be.

No Verona today. I'm having good lunch withdrawal.

Photo: Bascom Hall.

The light was interesting because of the cloud cover. HDR really emphasizes tonal gradients so you get super highlights where there's very little perceptible difference. For example, Lincoln's head was almost all shadow after tone-mapping. I had to dodge it to make it visible; also the light on the arches wasn't so strong that I noticed. I like the focus it creates on the people though. Nifty.
My officemate just brought in a new photo. Of his nephew. With vomit on his face.
Fucking hell.
People are "smarter" these days.

"Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks.
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