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Headless Wedding Party

Headless Wedding Party
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I have a comfy leather chair and power and coffee cake and a soy latte. Yeah, I'm on the Verona campus for the day. Funny how I'm envious/jealous of all tis luxury when my current office offers skulls and laminated posters of Don Knotts.

I love how off the recent MS updates server systems has installed on my computer seem to primarily slow it down when I'm accessing it remotely. That's just AWESOME. Productivity is for suckers.

I feel good today. I slept really well. I'm starting to suspect red wine is my problem. Nights where we have wine with dinner, I sleep poorly - ostensibly from dehydration. But I wonder if maybe I'm having semi-allergic reaction to it that produces sweating responses in me. I occasionally wake sweaty which may contribute to dehydration and when I'm dehydrated, my nasal passages swell. Seems likely.

Possible testing of said allergy seems to be either stop drinking or drink more and see what happens. :) The former smarter; the latter, more fun. And, of course, it could be something else - like over eating, not re-hydrating properly after exercise, too much salt in my food.

I guess I could just stop eating and see of that fixes everything. Likely the root of all issues I have. Yus. Obviously.

Don Knotts Vs. Cheap lattes. Discuss.
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