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Lost, Work, Monkey!

I feel more alert and awake today after staying up 'til midnight [watching Lost] and waking briefly this morning from Fox's bad dreams.
Maybe I sleep too much. Clearly I need to attempt shevus's less than 6 hour sleep schedule.

OMG, you guys, srsly? The Lost thing? You should check it out. So in love. We're on disc 4 of season 1.

TGIF. I get to log two hours to celebration with my team today for a picnic and still go home on time.
Sweet. Also, I'm unsure what to do with the rest of my time today. Hmm.. Everyone approved of my solution to that file corruption problem where I lost a year's worth of data which is good. The old way sucked for me, all manual updates and lots of nagging reminders; the new way is me sending an email to the division to take an online SharePoint survey, waiting a few days, then I click one button in a spreadsheet and 30+ sheets (one per application) and a dozen graphs (various averages and trending in application and enterprise) update automatically. I set it up ONCE and I'm done.

So sexy, actually useful integration between MS SharePoint and Excel.
I know! I was startled too!

BUT! Most importantly: Monkey

Nyeh. Toothpaste + coffee.
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